Just Click Karo Services Pvt. Ltd.- Banks Details

How can a retailer use JustClicknPay’ Domestic Money Transfer Services?

The retailer will need approval from YES Bank Limited before he/she can use the remittance services. For that the prospective retailer will need to submit self attested copies of his/ her ID proof (PAN card copy) and an address proof (one of the following: Passport/Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Driving License). YES bank will process the application and then approve/disapprove. Upon approval, the retailer can start using the remittance services as YES Bank’s Business Correspondent Agent (BCA).

What are the timings of the remittance services?

The IMPS feature of the remittance services functions 24 X 7, 365 days an year. The retailers will be able to use this service all throughout time their outlets are open. The NEFT feature of this service works between 9 AM to 7 PM on all banking days. This feature does not work on bank holidays, national holidays, Sundays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

How can retailers transfer money on behalf of their customers?

The retailers will register customers as senders on the YES Money platform using their unique mobile numbers. After the sender registration process is completed; the senders will then need to provide the details of the persons they wish to remit the money to.

What is the validity period of the sender registration?

Once the customer is registered on the YES Money platform; his/her sender registration is valid for a lifetime.

To how many people can sender transfer money to?

As per RBI guidelines, the maximum limit of beneficiaries that can be added by a single beneficiary is 15.

For sending money does the customer need to go the same retailer who registered him/her?

No, the customer can go to any retailer offering the YES Money services. The customer will need to provide his/her mobile number and the customer’s details and the added beneficiaries added by him/her will be displayed. The customer can make a fresh transaction from the other retailer.

Once the sender has added a beneficiary; is it possible to delete that particular account?

As long as the sender has not made a transaction to that particular account; it is possible to delete that beneficiary. In case, a wrong account number has been added on and a transaction is made to that account; it is not possible to delete that account. In order to ensure that the sender does not make the mistake of remitting to that wrong account again; YES Bank has provided a feature to disable the account. The sender in future will not be able to send money to disabled accounts.

If the customer is unsure of the beneficiary’s account number; is there a mechanism to check the same?

Yes, the beneficiary’s account number can be checked using the account validation option. Here at the time of adding the beneficiary’s account number, the sender will have to ask for the option to check the account details by paying a nominal charge. After checking the account details; the system will return back a message indicating whether or not the account number is correct.

In case a transaction gets rejected; how can the sender claim a refund for it?

When a transaction gets rejected; an SMS is sent to the sender’s registered mobile number. A verification code is sent in that SMS for claiming the refund. The sender will need to go to the same retailer who initiated his/her transaction to get back the money. The sender will need to provide the registered mobile number and the verification code to the retailer to put onto his/her system. After the code is authenticated; the transaction amount is then refunded to the retailer’s wallet and the retailer will then need to refund the money to the sender.

If the sender’s mobile number gets rejected between the time the transaction was made and the time the transaction was rejected; is there a way to claim the refund.

In such cases, the retailer and the sender will need to give undertakings that the transaction was indeed initiated by them and also request for the verification code to be sent to the new mobile number. A copy of the sender’s ID/Address proof along with self attestation of the sender and signatures of the retailer are needed.